As Salaamu Alaikum Readers, and welcome everyone to my Blog!

I would like to thank you for taking time in checking out my page, it is a great honor to have an audience such as yourself.

I am dedicating this blog to those who are curious, and have questions about Islam, the Noble Qur’an, Allah/God (the almighty), and His creations.  I hope that with the Almighty God’s blessings, my opinions and insights guide those who are seeking help and answers.

Aside from essays, and articles, I will be posting verses from the Holy Qur’an (in the English text) for motivation and enlightenment for those who seek it.  I will not omit any texts from the Holy Book, so as not to ensue any misinterpretation of the context of a verse, or “aya”.

A short prayer (du’a) for Allah/God’s (swt) blessing:

Authu billahi mina shaitan il-rageem.  Bismillah irrahman irraheem.

Ya’Allah, we thank you for the gift of comprehension and understanding that you gave us.  Please guide us in our journey with open, inquisitive minds, also keeping our hearts accepting of You.  We would also like to thank you for letting us wake everyday, and letting us pray and look to you for guidance, and a good path to follow.  We accept all that you give us, Good and/or Bad, because we accept that in which ever way you decide, it is for our benefit.

We love you dearly, Allah/God (swt);  for You are the most Beneficient and most Merciful.  Ameen.


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